Game masters (GMs) are NCsoft employees who support players in the case of technical issues (graphics, interface, mission bugs, gameplay bugs, etc.).


There are two teams of GMs, one for the US servers and one for the European servers. The GMs work in three shifts (morning, afternoon, night) during the week, but not on weekends.


GMs can be contacted in-game by typing /petition. A window with two fields, one for the subject and one for the message, will appear. Upon submitting the issue, it will be sent to the GMs, who will try to contact the player in-game. After helping the player, or if they cannot help or the player is offline when they try to contact him, they will send the player an e-mail with a link to a support ticket on NCsoft's site, where the player can see the incident's progress or updates, and update the incident himself.

Sometimes, GMs will help players who ask questions in General Chat, but this is rare and the standard form of contact remains using /petition.


GMs have pale skin and hair and wear a grey suit of cloth-like armor; almost ghost-like. Their character is usually level 1 or level 51.

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