Funeral Derge
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Fort Called Intrepid
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Captain DeLisi
- Location: Outpost Intrepid
Reward giver: Captain DeLisi
- Location: Outpost Intrepid
XP: 75,000
Credits: 5,700

Bio Armor Helmet v3 Teleract Bio Armor Helmet v3
Mech Armor Helmet v3 Pathogex Mech Armor Helmet v3
Graviton Armor Boots v4 Olympia Graviton Armor Boots v4
Reflective Armor Vest v2 Olympia Reflective Armor Vest v2

Overview Overview Edit

Executioner Derge, the Thrax Commander who spearheaded the assault on Fort Intrepid, has been spotted in the ruins of Fort Intrepid. Captain DeLisi wants him taken out!

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Kill Executioner Derge
Kill the Executioner Derge, a Thrax Commander patrolling inside the Fort Intrepid ruins.

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Captain DeLisi:

I've got some new Intel here, says an old friend of ours is back!
Executioner Derge is the Thrax Commander who spearheaded the attack on Fort Intrepid. He's a nasty piece of business. A real sadist. There's not a man here that doesn't want to see him taken out.
You've already proved yourself, and I'm thinking you might be the one for the job. What do you say?

Debriefing Edit

Captain DeLisi:

Derge is dead? Break out the cigars! This is going to be a big boost for morale around here, and that's something we can really use right now! Well done!

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Check out Executioner Derge for information about where to locate him.

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