Flanks for Nothing
Mission sequence
Requirement: We Need Backup!
Follow-up: Hostile Overtaking
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Scout Coen
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
Reward giver: Headquarters
- Location: Radio Mission
XP: 23,000
Credits: 4,600

Stealth Armor Vest v3 Pathogex Stealth Armor Vest v3
Virulent Leech Gun Vextronics Virulent Leech Gun
Rocket Launcher Chitech Rocket Launcher

Item0494 Overview Edit

Advance through the corridor and then destroy the 4 sleeping pods in each of the two living quarters.

Bug Bug! You may have to run all the way back to the instance entrance to get the follow-up radio mission.

Objectives Edit

Report to Namistai Edit

Securing the Skybridge Edit

Destroy the Pods - Northern Edit

Bane Sleep Pods Destroyed 4/4

Destroy the Pods - Southern Edit

Bane Sleep Pods Destroyed 4/4

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Scout Coen:

Secure the Skybridge and cut through those Bane reinforcements. Gunnery Sergeant Namistai should be waiting for you.
If you thought you had one hell of a fight up to this point, you haven't seen a thing. As we speak, the AFS are fighting to breach a corridor that is controlled by the Bane, and we need to advance through it in order to drive them out once and for all. I need to hold this position and make sure we aren't ambushed from front.
Head on through and keep your head down. Gunnery Sergeant Namistai will be waiting to give you further instructions.

Report to Namistai Edit

Gunnery Sergeant Namistai:

Get your damn head down soldier! Now what we are dealing with here is a Bane force that is extremely pissed off and although they can't do a very good job of advancing, neither can we. You see they have this corridor covered with heavy gun fire and every squad I have sent to try and break through has taken a dirt nap!
If you've got the balls and want to help the AFS retake this facility I need you to advance through and cut these bastards down one by one. Should you make it through it is also my understanding that they have taken over the sleeping quarters and began to use it for themselves.
In the interest of not letting them get too comfortable should you make it through, go to each of the living quarters and mow down anything in sight. Sleeping pods are believed to be back there somewhere so be sure to take all of those out as well. You are all I've got so you need to make this happen. Good luck!

Debriefing Edit


Great work! Don't get to comfortable though; it seems we have some new developments. This new intel is extremely disturbing; I will need your full attention when you are ready to proceed.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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