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Type: Biological
Weak To: Laser Laser
Resists: Physical Physical
Immune To: none


Fithik are the first wave of Bane invasion. They are supposed to disturb local species and kill as many as they can before The Bane army starts destroying the planet.

When first engaged, they may do a charging attack similar to the Commando's Rushing Blow. Previously it was difficult to discern; the animation was missing and they would just appear on top of you. At about half health, Fithik will begin to squeal and glow red-orange. After a few seconds, they explode, dealing a large, physical damage AOE. It is best to kill them before this happens or get out of the blast range.

Their primary attack is a close-range melee.

New player warning: Fithik have been seen nesting in the Ranja Caverns area of Wilderness, beware a Monarch Fithik has been seen near the entrance area. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Slightly smaller than the average human, Fithik appear to be similar to bipedal locusts.

Damage TypeEdit


Weapons UsedEdit

Fithik do not use weapons, but have a natural bite attack. They fight to the death, and do not run from battle

Special AttacksEdit

Bite Attack, Acid Spray.


Protective Exoskeleton


Multiple Fithiks are likely to swarm those soldiers who enter their nesting area. Electrical discharges have been used effectively to combat these creatures.

Attack RangeEdit

Melee, Short Range


Fithik are often found near their nesting area and thus are usually found in large groups.

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