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Eloh Translations
Mission sequence
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Corporal Orton
- Location: Cumbria Research Facility
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 8500
Credits: 500

Item0494 Overview Edit

Corporal Orton from Cumbria Research wants you to translate the symbols on the Eloh Obelisk located among the ruins of an Eloh shrine to the North of the facility.


Eloh Translations is a mission recieved on Concordia Palisades where you are asked to go translate the Eloh spire just outside the research facility. There are 6 logos to translate which you might not know at this time, but all of them can be found in Palisades.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Translate the symbols of the Eloh Obelisk north of Cumbria Research for Corporal Orton Edit

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Corporal Orton:

Don't know if you heard, but there's an Eloh ruin just north of here, maybe some kinda shrine. I've been trying to decipher what those symbols mean for weeks now and haven't gotten anywhere. I feel like it's something important or somethin like how to stop the Bane. Or maybe it's like a clue as to how to find some Eloh treasure. I just have to know what it is.
I wish I was one of them Receptives like you. Then I'd probably be able to figure it out. Seems like there's more of you freaking Receptives all the time. Hey wait! Maybe you could translate them images for me. Yeah.. that's it. Just take a gander and see if you can figure it out. Come back to me when you've figured it out.

Translate the symbols of the Eloh Obelisk north of Cumbria Research for Corporal Orton Edit

Corporal Orton:

Did you figure out all of the symbols? Ok.. let me write this down one symbol at time. What does the first symbol on top mean?
Item0490 Attack
Item0490 Honor
Item0490 Defend

Corporal Orton:

Interesting... What does the second symbol mean?
Item0490 Planet
Item0490 Cosmos
Item0490 Home

Corporal Orton:

This is fantastic. Please continue. What does the third symbol mean?
Item0490 Never
Item0490 Today
Item0490 Soon

Corporal Orton:

Excellent. What's the fourth symbol mean?
Item0490 Give
Item0490 Take
Item0490 Have

Corporal Orton:

Almost there. What is the fifth symbol?
Item0490 Future
Item0490 Knowledge
Item0490 Power

Corporal Orton:

I'm so excited! What's the final symbol?
Item0490 Tomorrow
Item0490 Comet
Item0490 War

Wrong translation Edit

Corporal Orton:

Hmm.. that doesn't seem quite right.
Item0490 Let's try again.

Debriefing Edit

Corporal Orton:

So that's it then? " Honor Planet Today Have Power TommorrowHelp"? I thought for sure it would be something cool like how to blow up mountains or something. This makes no sense to me. So much for getting rich.
At least I don't have to be thinking about that stupid thing again. You probably had to do some fancy Receptive stuff to figure it all out I guess. You deserve something for your efforts. Oh well.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Honor (logos) Honor Planet (logos) Planet Today (logos) Today Have (logos) Have Power (logos) Power Tomorrow (logos) Tomorrow

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