Mission sequence
Requirement: Sabotage the Tower
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Colonel 'Snake' Washington
- Location: The Snakepit
Reward giver: Colonel 'Snake' Washington
- Location: The Snakepit
XP: 60,000
Credits: 5,250

Chaingun AccuMax Chaingun lvl 33
Incendiary Net Gun AccuMax Incendiary Net Gun lvl 36
Exothermic Polarity Gun Vitalius Exothermic Polarity Gun lvl 33
Shotgun Eclipse Shotgun lvl 32

Overview Overview Edit

Eliminate the Bane Officer named Prysiam located in the vacinity of the Eloh Obelisk in Western Valverde Pools.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Eliminate Overseer Prysiam

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Colonel 'Snake' Washington:

I liked the job you did down there at the Obelisk site. But destroying the Bane equipment will only delay the Bane for a short time. Our intel reports have identified the leader of the Bane contingent that's directing their efforts, a creature known by the name Overseer Prysiam. We don't have a precise location, but we do know he must be somewhere near the Obelisk itself. Taking him out should disrupt them until they can find a replacement.

Debriefing Edit

Colonel 'Snake' Washington:

We've already received word that the killing of Overseer Prysiam has already caused mass confusion in the Bane ranks. Take this as a personal thank you.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

If you jump onto the wall of the base from outside near where you place three beacons for Bane Jamming, you can take out Overseer Prysiam without having to fight through the entire base.

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