EMP Bomb

EMP Bomb

EMP Bombs can be detonated to deal massive amounts of EMP damage, and can crit for even higher damage. They are single-use and can be purchased from most standard vendors. All EMP Bombs have a range of 15 meters, regardless of level.

Usage Edit

To use an EMP Bomb, simply place it in the area you would like to detonate it in and it will explode after a delay of a few seconds. The detonation will not damage you or your group. You can only have one bomb placed at a time - if you place another before the first has detonated, your first one will simply vanish.

EMP Bombs are best used against mechanical or electrical targets that have high HP and regeneration. Cannons, force fields and mechanical bosses like Rotting Sal are excellent targets for EMP Bombs.

Levels Edit

Item level EMP damage Cost per unit Minimum level
I 2000 - 3000 Currency Credits260 5
II 3000 - 4500 Currency Credits500 10
III 5000 - 6250 Currency Credits1000 15
IV 5000 - 9000 Currency Credits1500 20
V 10000 - 17500 Currency Credits2000 25
VI 16000 - 27750 Currency Credits3000 30
VII 20000 - 57500 Currency Credits4000 35
VIII  ? Currency Credits?  ?
IX 60000 - 100000 Currency Credits8000 45
X 100000 - 150000 Currency Credits10000 50

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