Droning On
Mission sequence
Requirement: Lightbender Glands
Follow-up: Fithikally Challenged
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Ojy
- Location: Wilderness L.Z.
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
Credits: 300

Overview Edit

Mission log: Bring 6 Shield Drone Parts to Dr. Ojy at the Landing Zone Outpost.

Objectives Edit

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Dr. Ojy:

This will be our last task together, at least for now, maybe not forever, but there is something we need to study, and this time you may not get bloody, what we're after is a machine, the infamous Shield Drone, lean and mean. We need to find a way to disable, this bruting menace which has enabled, Thrax to survive in firefights, where they should have been killed and dead by rights, so bring us back six parts to check, any parts will do from their fiery wreck.

Debriefing Edit

Dr. Ojy:

Shield Drones they heal and protect, and they do it with perfected tech. Take care of them first, or it will get much worse, the Thrax are much harder to fight, when a shield drone is there at their side.
Thanks so much for what you've done, but don't pretend it wasn't fun.

Walkthrough Edit

Destroy shield drones to collect their parts. Need 6 parts to meet mission obj. Shield drones can be found throughout the wilderness, but Gellman Meadow is a great place to find them.

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