Do Bugs Feel Fear?
Mission sequence
Requirement: Bug Hunt
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Agent Zim
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 54000
Credits: 5200

Exothermic Polarity Gun AccuMax Exothermic Polarity Gun
Laser Chaingun Vextronics Laser Chaingun
Unknown Armor Vest Dynamo Reflective Armor Vest

Overview Edit

Infiltrate the Phanin Research Facility under the Irendas Colony. Find various research consoles in the facility and recover research on Atta Brain Wave Patterns, Atta Communication Studies, Atta Pheromone Responses, Atta Sensory Receptors, and the Atta Mind Control Schematics. Return to Agent Zim once you have collected all of this research.

Objectives Edit

Infiltrate the Research Facility Edit

Recover Brain Wave Research Edit

Atta Brain Wave Patterns 1/1

Recover Atta Communication Research Edit

Atta Communication Studies 1/1

Recover Atta Pheromone Research Edit

Atta Pheromone Responses 1/1

Recover Atta Sensory Research Edit

Atta Sensory Receptors 1/1

Recover Mind Control Schematics Edit

Atta Mind Control Schematics 1/1

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Agent Zim:

If you're up to the task, I need you to retrieve copies of Phanin's research for me.
See, I've gone as far as i can with the samples you fetched for me. I was concerned, until I read the reports you gave from the Kardash Atta Colony.
Lucky for me, the Brann and this 'Phanin' person have already collected more information on the Atta than I could have ever hoped. If you successfully infiltrate the Phanin Research Facility, then I request that you bring any research on the Atta you may discover back to me.

Debriefing Edit

Agent Zim:

Years of data on the Atta at our fingertips. This will go a long way towards our efforts here.
I will make sure that your name is known to the General. You are dismissed.

Walkthrough Edit

Agent Zim is in the underground Irendas Colony Hospital.

Bug Bug! The control station in the room with Head Researcher may not complete its objective. This was still true as of December 1, 2007.

Possibly because of the bug found in the Head Researcher's room, if you can kill the renegades in the room and then try the control panel, even if the mission does not tally the objective as complete, it should release the Atta. For some reason, possibly that bug, the Atta in this room may not attack you. They will, however, attack any enemies in the room, or ENTERING the room. Keep this in mind when you fight Phanin just upstairs. Pulling his troops into the room will possibly cause the Atta to fight them.

In several of the rooms, completion of an objective will release enraged Atta into the room. Be sure you control the situation before adding these foes to the mix.

The Phanin Brann use a variety of our own weapons including virulent weapons, lasers, and grenade/rocket launchers. They've even been observed heavily damaging the armor of a guardian 10 levels above them, so come prepared!

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