Distress On The River
Mission sequence
Requirement:  ?
Follow-up: Snipe Hunt
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Field Sgt. Witherspoon
- Location: Lower Eloh Creek
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 2,500
Credits: 500

Unknown Armor Helmet Olympia Hazmat Armor Helmet
Pulse Chaingun Vitalius Pulse Chaingun

Item0494 Overview Edit

Locate Surveyor Hugh Corman and get his report, then question him about the other field coordinators stationed at Lower Eloh Creek and get their reports. When you've spoken to all three, report back to Field Sergeant Witherspoon.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Get a field report from Surveyor Hugh Corman Edit

Get a field report from Tribal Leader Oingin Edit

Get a field report from Lieutenant Wood Edit

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Field Sgt. Witherspoon:

I need status reports from my three field coordinators stationed on the river front.
The Forries call this Lower Eloh Creek, but most of us just call it 'the river.' Whatever you wanna call it, it's not exactly the French Riviera. It's a bloodbath down here. The Bane are advancing from the south and we're doing our damnedest to hold the line.
The Bane are using satellite EMP to jam our communications and I haven't heard from my field coordinators in hours. I need to know what's happening, and I need to know FAST. Head towards the falls and see if you can find one of them, a Corman surveyor named Hugh. Get his report, and see if he knows where the other coordinators are located. Get moving!

Field Report from Hugh Corman Edit

Surveyor Hugh Corman:

Witherspoon wants a report? Let's see. Well, we still don't know what those globe-shaped machines are on the river, but they don't seem to be weapons. We sent some scans to Image Analysis, so he should have their report shortly.
As for the battle? We've had casualties, but we're holding our own. You should check on the Forean squad, though. They aren't used to this much fire. Their leader's name is Oingin. Last I saw him, he was east of here. I'll mark it on your map.

Field Report from Oingin Edit

Tribal Leader Oingin:

Do not worry about us, human. My people are fearless warriors, and we fight for our homeland. You should concern yourself with one of your own. Lieutenant Wood? I hear that he has lost many men. You'll find him on the far side of Eloh Creek.

Field Report from Wood Edit

Lt. Wood:

You tell Witherspoon we're in some real pretty shit down here! The snipers in those pillboxes have most of my guys pinned! And there's some bad-ass Thrax Overseer making the rounds, coordinating their efforts. I wish I knew what he was up to!

Debriefing Edit

Field Sgt. Witherspoon:

I think Jennings has the Intel on those Bane machines. Said she'd take care of it. The Foreans are doing okay, huh? They keep surprising me. As far as Wood's squad is concerned, we're going to need to do something about those snipers!

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

All three contacts are near the river - just take them in sequence.

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