Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Dissections: Part II
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Medic Markis
- Location: Thoria Das
Reward giver: Specialist Kerr
- Location: Foreas Base
XP: 11,000
Credits: 1,650

Eclipse Leach Gun
OR Luminar Reflective Armor Vest

Item0494 Overview Edit

Medic Markis in Thoria Das wants you to collect 5 Warnet venom samples, then deliver them to Specialist Kerr in the Foreas Base Hospital.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Gather Samples
Item0367 Warnet Venom Samples x 5
  • Deliver the Samples to Specialist Kerr

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Medic Markis:

"If you can collect a few samples, we can prove that it is science, not some sort of alien magic, that will win this war. The Bane are masters of bio-engineering and if we want to keep up with that enemy we need to better understand the alien biology around us.
Specialist Kerr back at Foreas Base has requested samples from the Warnets - a native species, highly aggressive and historically subject to Bane analysis. We believe they're after some property of the Warnet biology, but we're not sure exactly what.
Head out there and get samples of their venom, then deliver those to Specialist Kerr in the Foreas Base Hospital. You can find the Warnets throughout the forests here, but they are heavily concentrated to the north of Delta Outpost."

Deliver the Samples to Specialist Kerr Edit

Specialist Kerr:

"Pardon? You're delivering samples from Markis? Alright, yes. I'll take them."

Debriefing Edit

Specialist Kerr:

"Oh these will fit right in with my current research - good job on Markis for sending them over!"

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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