Overview Edit

Reward 240000 xp

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Complete all 8 targets of opportunity! Edit

  • Complete all 8 Targets of Opportunity on Descent.

Aquire All Descent Waypoints! Edit

Kill 300 Thrax Troops! Edit

Kill 50 Mox Edit

Kill 100 Linkers Edit

Kill 30 Treebacks Edit

Kill the 7 Descent Bosses Edit

Collect both Descent Operations Edit

Complete Descent Missions! Edit

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Kill the 7 Descent Bosses Edit

  • The Bosses are:
    • Preceptor Gissa (Thrax Technician) - On the path up to Virgil's Resonator
    • Preceptor Vaasti (Lightbender) - Just northwest of the Drill Resonator
    • Preceptor Maalev (Caretaker) - Patrols around the Mal Dys Upper Resonator
    • Preceptor Kai Zul (Hunter) - South of the Mal Dys Lower Resonator
    • Y'mas (Filcher) - Northwest of Phi Resonator 2, possibly wanders, does not glow !
    • Billy Bob (Kael) - Northwest of Phi Resonator 2
    • Snuffy (Treeback) - Roams Serrated Steps, North of Mal Dys (found near 380 x 697 - East of 'There' logos)
    • Fortuna or Commander Merrick - Storyline Bosses. To get to them easily, enter a teleporter at 650, 120, then take a quick left and enter another teleporter. Fortuna is here, to get to Merrick, go forward into another teleporter. You must be level 47 to complete the appropriate quest, and have finished the delivery mission for the commander in Fort Virgil.

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