Defusing the Situation
Mission sequence
Requirement: We Need Backup!
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Marshall Arboc
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
Reward giver: Scout Coen
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
XP: 23,000
Credits: 4,600

Incendiary Net Gun ChiTech Incendiary Net Gun
Hazmat Armor Vest v2 Hellstrom Hazmat Armor Vest v2
Pulse Pistol Vextronics Pulse Pistol

Item0494 Overview Edit

Disable the detonator charges placed throughout the water reservoir room and surrounding areas. Obtain the detonators for future reference.

Objectives Edit

Defuse All Detonators Edit

Infiltrate the Bane forces in the reservoir room and recover the Bane detonation devices for research.

Time limit: 15 minutes
Detonators stopped 10/10

Defuse Bomb 1 Edit

Defuse Bomb 2 Edit

Defuse Bomb 3 Edit

Defuse Bomb 4 Edit

Defuse Bomb 5 Edit

Defuse Bomb 6 Edit

Defuse Bomb 7 Edit

Defuse Bomb 8 Edit

Defuse Bomb 9 Edit

Defuse Bomb 10 Edit

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Marshall Arboc:

I need you to push through to the reservoir and do whatever it takes to stop the Bane before they blow this place sky high.
You've done some good work so far soldier, and I think you're best suited for my next operation. Here's the deal. The Bane have taken the water reservoirs and the maintenance room that powers it. They haven't been in there long, but it's my understanding that they intend to blow it all to hell.
I need you to advance through the reservoir room and do whatever it takes to stop them and defuse those bombs. We need to keep this facility in working order. After you defuse the detonators, hold onto them for further research.
You don't have much time, so get in there and stop them! Scout Coen has radioed in and told me he needs reinforcements, so see him for debriefing. If you succeed, of course.

Debriefing Edit

Scout Coen:

Just in the nick of time, eh! I'm glad to see you were able to defuse those detonators. Knowing those dumbass Bane, I wouldn't be surprised if the bombs were too strong and they blew us to oblivion just trying to destroy the reservoirs. Anyways, good work. I hope you're still fresh, because we have plenty to do.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Watch yourselves in here, the group spawn twice - so kill them quick and get the detonators.

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