Damage (logos)
Associated Abilities :Cadaver Immolation Cadaver Immolation
Controlled Fission Controlled Fission
Conversion Conversion
Crab Mines Crab Mines
Disease Disease
Explosive Nanites Explosive Nanites
Explosive Wave Explosive Wave
Fire Support Fire Support
Reality Ripper Reality Ripper
Reflection Reflection
Resistance (ability) Resistance (ability)
Ruin Ruin
Sacrifice Sacrifice
Scatterbombs Scatterbombs
Scourge Scourge
Self Destruct Self Destruct
Shield Wave Shield Wave
Shredder Ammo Shredder Ammo
Tectonic Strike Tectonic Strike
Trap Trap
Turret Turret
Viral Conversion Viral Conversion


Damage is a Logos element found in Concordia Wilderness.

Words of the Eloh

They know you can damage them, because we have helped you to be strong.

Logos shrine location

Area Remark Coordinates (as per /loc) Type
East/West (X) Altitude (Z) North/South (Y)
Foreas Concordia Wilderness Lower Eloh Creek In a cave in a cliff behind a group of Foreans Help 406 Help 245 Help 441 Help Logos: Damage

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