Cripple the Defenses
Mission sequence
Requirement: We Need Backup!
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Captain Jenks
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
Reward giver: Marshall Arboc
- Location: Brann Water Refinery
XP: 23,000
Credits: 4,600

Incendiary Injector Gun Vextronics Incendiary Injector Gun
Cryogenic Net Gun Vextronics Cryogenic Net Gun
Bio Armor Legs v3 Pathogex Bio Armor Legs v3

Item0494 Overview Edit

Push through the Bane defenses and destroy the bane hacking modules. Once you have done this you will need to neutralize Commander Caolots at all costs.

Objectives Edit

Destroy Hacking Module 1 Edit

Destroy Hacking Module 2 Edit

Destroy Hacking Module 3 Edit

Neutralize Commander Caolots Edit

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Captain Jenks:

The Bane are hacking into the facility's mainframe, and I need you to stop them before they gain any more sensitive information.
I am glad to see that you got the passkey from Killroy. We've been fighting to hold our section of the sediment room, but the Bane are everywhere! Luckily we've been able to push them back to a controlled location where we can effectively focus our firefight. Now we have to move on these Bane forces before they get a chance to secure a foothold. Enemy reinforcements are beginning to overwhelm us, so we have to move fast!
I've received some intel that claims they are using special hacking modules to manipulate the Brann operations computers. If you can figure out how to take these out without destroying the computers, that will stop them from getting any more sensitive information. You'll also need to secure the mainframe room as well. Once you've taken care of that, report back to Marshall Arboc, as I know he can use your help.

Debriefing Edit

Marshall Arboc:

This is great news coming from Jenks' stronghold. We thought they'd be in a standoff for days. Destroying those modules and neutralizing Commander Caolots will prove to be vital to our efforts in retaking the refinery.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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