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Create Clone
Create Clone
Class: Exobiologist Exobiologist
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Self (logos) Self
Friend (logos) Friend
Summon (logos) Summon
Here (logos) Here
Create Clone is an ability of the Exobiologist class.
"Construct a living/micromechanical hybrid copy of yourself to act as a battlefield combatant."


Whatever weapon or tool you have in your hand when this ability is cast is the weapon or tool your clone will have. It can use whatever you can, including repair and healing tools.

The amount of damage or healing done by the weapon or tool the clone uses does depends on how many points in mind the exobiologist has. As a full mind human it appears to do about the same damage/healing as the exobiologist.

It is uncertain if your training in Firearms provides your clone with the same weapon benefits (critical hit for rifles and knock back for shotguns). With 5 points in Injection Guns the clone's hits with an ice injection gun seems to penetrate armor to some degree (which doesn't become possible at any rank before 3).

The clone also uses the Lightning ability at whatever level you have it to. This abilities seems to do full damage (equivalent to the damage you do).

With these abilities, and the clone's ability to hold aggro and absorb damage (it regenerates armor as fast as you do), it can be a very powerful ally. It can kill small groups on it own, presuming it doesn't run into anything immune to the damage it does.

The clone's AI does not appear to recognize if the enemies it is fighting are immune to certain types of damage and will not change its strategy accordingly. Casting Bio Augmentation: Power on the clone appears to change its AI to become more aggressive in casting lightning. It does not appear to share the same power pool since the buff description for Bio Augmentation Power shows a very small number instead of the same number as the player.


Name Create Clone: Doppelganger Create Clone: Caricature Create Clone: Body Double Create Clone: Stand-In Create Clone: Dead Ringer
Level Difference 5 4 3 2 1
Duration 5 min 7 min 9 min 12 min 15 min
Power Cost 100 125 150 175 200
Medical Grade Micromech 2
Description "Construct a living/micromechanical hybrid copy of yourself to act as a battlefield combatant. The clone will be lower level than you."

Weapon and Tool Effectiveness

The progression of a clone's ability to use weapons or tools is also greatly affected by the mind attribute. The damage of a clone's weapons will be equal to a pump 5 weapon skill at around 300 mind, higher mind will improve the clone's attacks even more; but as clones don't crouch it will never greatly exceed what their master can do. Less than 300 mind will cause the clone to be less effective with their weapon, this will cause a clone to deal less damage than the amount stated in the weapon or tools description. The amount of mind affecting the clone is determined when it is created, this means that after activating the clone ability you can chose a different rank of bio augmentation to use it also means that a clone created while suffering from resurrection trauma will also have it's effectiveness reduced.

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