Crash Course
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Base Cmdr. Matlin
- Location: Cumbria Research Facility
Reward giver: Base Cmdr. Matlin
- Location: Cumbria Research Facility
XP: 0
Credits: 0

Unknown Armor Vest Olympia Hazmat Armor Vest
(Experimental, min level 19) or
Unknown Armor Vest Titan Reflective Armor Vest
(Experimental, min level 19) or
Unknown Armor Boots Olympia Motor Assist Armor Boots
(Experimental, min level 19)

Overview Overview Edit

Testing the resolve of the Corman Reformists by enlisting their help in killing a Bane dropship commander and retrieving his datapad.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Base Cmdr. Matlin:

"I believe the Corman Reformists when they say they want to fight. Thing is, saying you're willing and actually getting out there on the battlefield are two different things. If I'm going to supply them, I think we should test their resolve."
"One of our recon teams just reported a crashed Bane Dropship not far from here. They also detected an energy signature consistent with an interstellar scout ship. They don't look much different from their troop ships, but that signature is a dead giveaway."
"The commander of that ship survived, and he's one of the meanest Thrax we've come across. Go talk with Derac and have him send his best man with you. I want the two of you to kill that Thrax commander and bring me his personal datapad. We'll see how one of these Corman Reformists perform under pressure."

Debriefing Edit

Base Cmdr. Matlin:

"It will just take me a minute to decrypt this data. I'll be curious to... My God. Listen to this!"
"Priority message to Executor Gantic from The Neph Trisagion Councel: The occupation of Terra 666-C [the human homeworld formerly known as "Earth"] is now complete. T666-C will, from this cycle forward, be the central headquarters of the Bane Legionaria. Supreme Legatus Sameal has already located to the planet and has taken command of operations there."
"The Legatus will personally oversee the training of select Neph Dominions, in preparations for command duty on Foreas and Arieki, as well as several other strategically-positioned systems in this quadrant. The Trisagion has also successfully conscripted a large fighting force on the planet, comprised of domesticated human survivors and several legions of Mutalis conscripts recently relocated from the Myconus system. Victory will be ours! Death to the Elohists!"
"Sameal! My God! That's the son of a bitch that commands the entire Bane army! According to this communique, Sameal is on EARTH!"
"This changes everything! I'll get this information to High Command at once! Outstanding work, soldier!"

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

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