Crafting station

Crafting Station

Crafting stations are placed inside Tabula Rasa's more populated AFS camps. You must visit a crafting station in order to access the crafting system.

Available Options Edit

The crafting station offers 5 crafting options. You can insert an item (eg. equipment, a schematic, module, etc...) to see the available options highlighted in the main menu.

Fabrication Edit

Main article: Fabrication

Allows you to use schematics to make items (eg. med packs, grenades, paint and ammunition). The fabrication process consumes the Fabrication components that are listed on the schematic, as well as the schematic itself.

Salvage Edit

Main article: Modification

Allows you to salvage a single armor piece, weapon, tool, and certain types of junk loot. As a result of salvaging you get a certain amount of mimeomech depending on the item quality, item level, and modules on the item.

Extraction Edit

Main article: Modification

Allows you to extract modules from an item. The mimeomech cost to extract a module is equal to the module level (1, 2, ..., 4). You cannot extract level 5 modules.

Upgrade Edit

Main article: Modification

Allows you to upgrade a module level.

Integrate Edit

Main article: Modification

Allows you to attach a module to one of 4 available slots on a piece of armor, weapon, or tool. The cost (in mimeomech) of integrating a module depends on the number of modules currently on the item, the module level, the item level, and the item quality.

Miscellaneous Edit

Tip: If you are having trouble finding a crafting station, you can open your map (keypad 'm') and in the lower right corner there is a list of map icons to display or hide. Scroll down and find the icon for crafting stations and click on it to hide it and then click on it again to show it. When you click on it to show it, the map will display targeting reticules zooming in on any location on the map where there is a crafting station. Sometimes there are so many icons on the map that it is hard to see the one you want, so toggling it off and on can help make it more visible.

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