Cracked Tooth

Cracked Tooth

Cracked Tooth is a Flaregasher boss that wanders in the southern area of Torden Plains. He is one of the four boss targets for Plains Targets of Opportunity.


Cracked Tooth is larger than regular Flaregashers and is colored a bloody red. Like other bosses, he is surrounded by a white light making him spottable from far away.


Cracked Tooth spawns near -50, -500, but wanders around. He has also been seen at:

  • -5.5, -490
  • -100, -474
  • -249, -367
  • -145, -617
  • -95, -360

I've seen him spawn at 9,-489 precisely. I've seen him spawn at -21, -359.

Found standing at -253, -371 on three separate occasions, check there first.

Found him idling at -140, 425, -355 Sept-02-08

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