Contents Under Pressure
Mission sequence
Requirement: Unity Among Men
Follow-up: Going Native
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Eleanor Corman
- Location: Ranja Gorge
Reward giver: Dr. Eleanor Corman
- Location: Ranja Gorge
Credits: 1,350

Unknown Armor Boots Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Boots
Unknown Armor Gloves Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Gloves

Item0494 Overview Edit

Dr. Samuel Corman has gone missing somewhere in Imperial Valley. Locate him and return with the water samples he has gathered

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Locate Samuel.
Locate Dr. Samuel Corman.
  • Recover the Stolen Vials.
Dr. Samual Corman's Sample Vials Dr. Samual Corman's Sample Vials
Recover the Stolen water sample vials from the Thrax Overseer in Gellman Meadows.
  • Return to Samuel.
Return to Dr. Samuel Corman in Imperial Valley.
  • Return to Eleanor.
Report back to Dr. Eleanor Corman at Ranja Gorge.

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Dr. Eleanor Corman:

"Can you find Samuel? The samples he's carrying are vital to our research!"
"If we're going to sythesize a cure, we need more information about the contagion. I believe that the source of the plague is in our fresh water supply. Samual is one of my staff members. He went out to gather some samples from Lake Corman to test my theory, but he should have returned hours ago!"
"Samuel said he was going to go through the caverns and across Imperial Valley. It's been a fairly safe path for months, but now I'm hearing about Thrax patrols in the area and I fear for his safety. Will you see if you can find him? He may be injured."

Locate Samuel Edit

Dr. Samuel Corman:

"Thanks goodness you found me. I thought I'd be stuck out here forever. I was attacked by Thrax soldiers and barely escaped with my life! I seem to have injured my leg."
"I'll manage for now, but you have to act fast! One of the enemy soldiers, the largest I've ever seen, stole Eleanor's samples."
"Please, you've got to get those vials back!"

Return to Samuel Edit

Dr. Samuel Corman:

"You found them? Thank God! You must get them back to Eleanor as soon as possible. I should be safe here, for the time being. Have her send someone back to see to my leg."

Return to Eleanor Edit

Dr. Eleanor Corman:

"Did you locate Dr. Samuels?"

Debriefing Edit

Dr. Eleanor Corman:

"You found Samuel? Wonderful! We'll send a rescue team out immediately to escort him back. In the meantime, I need to get these samples analyzed. The plague is spreading faster than we thought!"

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Kill Thrax Overseer Grael who spawns in the Gellman Meadow.

Just Find Out There... He is easy to kill.


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