Childhood's End
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Visit To The Elders
Follow-up: Herbal Remedy
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Council Advisor Todae
- Location: Daghda's Urn
Reward giver: Council Luminary Doyan
- Location: Daghda's Urn
XP: 10,000
Credits: 1,500

Unknown Armor Boots Luminar Hazmat Armor Boots
Pulse Shotgun Vextronics Pulse Shotgun

Item0494 Overview Edit

Go to Stone Anvil and question the Rangers about the disappearance of Pundi, the eldest son of Council Luminary Doyan at Daghda's Urn.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Speak to Ranger Anjuhi.
Speak to Ranger Anjuhi, the leader of the Stone Anvil Rangers
  • Kill the Xanx!
  • Speak to Ranger Anjuhi
Speak to Ranger Anjuhi
  • Speak to Ranger Tirna.
Speak to Ranger Tirna atop Stone Anvil to learn of Pundi's fate.
  • Return to Luminary Doyan.
Go to Council Luminary Doyan and tell him of his son's fate.

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Council Advisor Todae:

"The Rangers of the Anvil my know the fate of the Luminaries son. Go quickly!"
"I fear that the Luminary might never recover from the loss of his eldest. For myself, I feel that he requires answers .. some sort of closure. Perhaps, if you are willing you could investigate Pundi's disappearance. As I said, his torn clothing was discovered near Stone Anvil."
"The Rangers of the Anvil are a solitary group, sworn to duty as the sentinels of this area. Their encampment lies at the foot of Stone Anvil. If anybody knows of Pundi's fate, it will be them."
"Perhaps if you discover the boy's fate, the Luminary will give you the help you seek."

Speak to Ranger Anjuhi Edit

Ranger Anjuhi:

"The petty concerns of a single man do not concern us. We serve ..."
"Wait. Do you feel that? A trembling in the earth. I sense a great disturbance in the forest ..."

{Caution: If you die in the ensuing battle, you have to go back to the cave and restart the quest.}

Speak to Ranger Anjuhi Edit

Ranger Anjuhi:

"The Xanx are getting more vicious by the day, and they are growing in number. We owe you a great debt."
"If you would learn the fate of the boy called Pundi, speak to Ranger Tima. He meditates by the fire pit high atop the Anvil."

Speak to Ranger Tirna Edit

Ranger Tirna:

"You seek the boy called Pundi. I'm sorry, but he is gone forever. He has left his tribe and found a new home among the Rangers of the Anvil."
"Yes, I was once called Pundi. It was my father's desire that I should take a place on the Council when I came of age. But I could not ignore what was happening to out world, to our people. I shredded the clothing of my former self and took a new name. I am the Ranger Tima. I have given my vow, and I am a Ranger evermore."
"Tell my father not to mourn the loss of Pundi. Tell him to celebrate the birth of a faithful Ranger who pledges his life for his people."

Return to Luminary Doyen Edit

Council Luminary Doyen:

"What news of my son?"

Debriefing Edit

Council Luminary Doyen:

"What is this? My son lives?"
"So, Pundi is now the Ranger Tima. He is a brave boy. No. A brave man. I take great pride in knowing that he serves our people and the will of the Benefactors. It is truly a joyous day!"
"And you, tal kamahdi. You have done me the greatest of services. I give to you the Mark of the Council. With this, you will be respected as I would among the Council members."

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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