Caretaker Mordra

Caretaker Mordra is a Caretaker located in the eastern trench in Divide (south of Delta Outpost). He's usually to the south of the Meat Grinder, who can be found in the same trench.

  • Mordra is one of the boss targets in Divide Targets of Opportunity.
  • The time between spawns is at least 50 minutes. (As of Deployment 11.6, spawn time has been reduced to approximately 10 minutes.)
  • Mordra is level 24.
  • He spawns solo, no entourage to worry about, but there might be Bane ship that drop mobs, if it drop a caretaker, you are in deep trouble if you are solo.
  • His approximate spawn point is 534, -726
  • Confirmed above spawn point. Hunted him down at 539, -730 as of Dec. 8, 2008. [Idado, Cassiopeia]

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