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Type: Biological
Weak To: Physical Physical
Resists: Electric Electric
Laser Laser
Immune To: Virulent Virulent


Caretaker 1


Caretakers are a lizard like race who serve as Medics for the Thrax. They have been genetically altered so that their regenerative antibodies are reversible, flowing in and out of the caretakers bodies. They were fed Thrax DNA making it possible for the Caretakers to heal Thrax soldiers from a distance.

They do physical dmg (during beta they did virulent dmg, but it has been changed since release of the game).

Caretakers will AOE heal as well as resurrect fallen Bane.

As Caretakers can revive other Caretakers, as well as heal allies, they should be considered priority targets when engaging groups of Bane Soldiers. Alongside Technicians, they are a minor threat alone, but a considerable hazard when augmenting a Thrax attack group. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Caretakers are slightly larger than human, bipedal, lizard-like creatures.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical and Virulent

Weapons UsedEdit


Special AttacksEdit

Caretakers release genetically engineered, airborne antibodies that are used for healing allies and damaging foes. Caretakers can also resuscitate fallen allies.


Light Armor from their clothing and reptile like skin. Regenerative ability.


Initial intelligence states that the antibodies can be slowed or killed by lowering their temperature below freezing.

Attack RangeEdit

Caretakers have a healing aura around them that benefits allies and harms their enemies. Therefore they must remain in close range of both.


Individual to small groups of caretakers can be found among other Bane troops.

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