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Called Shot
Called Shot
Class: Sniper Sniper
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Control (logos) Control
Attack (logos) Attack
Target (logos) Target
Destruction (logos) Destruction
Called Shot is an ability of the Sniper class. It has 80 meters range.
"This ability allows the sniper to select a hit location on a humanoid opponent and apply a special effect with the next shot. Each pump level affects a different body part and has a different effect. The called shot activates on the user's next weapon attack, but expires in 20 seconds if not used."
  • Snipers use this to make called shots on their enemies; an attack must be made within 20 seconds of preparing the called shot
  • Possible effects include a lowered attack rate for enemies, damage over time, or double damage applied to the fired shot
  • The cost is very low, making the ability ideal for frequent use


Skill level I II III IV V
Hit Location: Leg Arm Torso Eye Head
Effect: Movement Decrease: 75% Attack Rate: 1/3rd Bleeding Wound: DoT Blindness: Damage Penalty of 50% Head Shot does 1.5x Damage
Duration: 20 seconds
Power cost: 30

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