Bringing the Battle Home
Mission sequence
Requirement: Bane Battle Plans (Divide)
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Base Cmdr. Jayjack
- Location: Foreas Base
Reward giver: Base Cmdr. Jayjack
- Location: Foreas Base
Credits: 1,950

Unknown Armor Legs Olympia Hazmat Armor Legs
Shotgun Vextronics Shotgun


Report to Elder Toras in the Forean Village west of Foreas Base. Defend the village from any Bane attack and do not let more than a single Forean fall in the battle. Once the fight begins, leaving the village area and abandoning the Foreans will be considered a failure.


  • Report to Elder Toras
  • Protect the Forean Villagers
  • Report to Cmdr. Jayjack


Briefing Edit

Base Cmdr. Jayjack:

"There's Bane inbound to Nidu Dav. Get over there and give those Foreans a hand!"
"I need you to get over there, find Elder Taros - he's the lead lizard in those parts. Warn him about the incoming attack and lend any assistance he needs."
"Listen up! I expect top work here. That village was displaced when we built Foreas Base, so we keep them under our protection. I understand combat can get crazy, but if more than one of those Foreans is killed in the attack, I'll consider the mission a failure."

Report to Elder Toras Edit

Elder Toras:

"A Bane attack? We are prepared, but of course, we won't refuse your help. I believe I hear the dropships approaching now."

Report to Cmdr. Jayjack Edit

Base Cmdr. Jayjack:

"Nice going, soldier. I knew you'd do the right thing and protect those Foreans. Sometimes in this war we've got to concentrate on defense for a change ..."

Debriefing Edit

Base Cmdr. Jayjack:

"Again, thank you, soldier. I've got a couple of choice rewards fro you to pick from. Take what you need, and I'll send the rest back to the armory."


Follow the mission indicator west from Foreas base to the Forean village. Elder Toras is to the north of the road as you enter. After you speak with Elder Toras, two Bane dropships and a predator will arrive. Focus on the predator first, then kill all the troops. You can't leave the village or allow more than one Forean to die or the mission fails.

Report back to Base Commander Jayjack to claim your reward.

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