Bring Down the Kael
Mission sequence
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Elder Toida
- Location: Paludos
Reward giver: Elder Toida
- Location: Paludos
XP: 150,000
Credits: 7600

Graviton Armor Vest v1 Wellcare Graviton Armor Vest v1
Reflective Armor Vest v1 Prodigy Reflective Armor Vest v1
Bio Armor Boots v2 Dynamo Bio Armor Boots v2
Motor Assist Armor Vest v6 CryoGen Motor Assist Armor Vest v6

Item0494 Overview Edit

The guards to be killed are in the Burning Mire, marching their prisoners along the Eastern side of the long defensive line separating the Mire from the rest of the map.

Completing P'reo Das or one of the missions inside that operation triggers this mission.

Objectives Edit

  • Eliminate the Bane Prison Guards to free the Escorted Foreans

Item0454 Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Elder Toida:

It seems the Bane plan to bring us into the fight whether we wish it or not. They have begun transporting prisoners from the ruins of P'reo Das in the northeast to the supply depot in the south. Seek out one of these prison caravans along the Long Walk and kills the guards to free the prisoners. They will find their way back to us.

Debriefing Edit

Elder Toida:

Thank you, friend. The prisoners made contact with one of our field scouts and have been helped to safety. Those are three less of our people who will be enslaved by the Bane.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Can be found at approximately 420, -300, they walk to the east of the dotted line on the map, and don't seem to fight back.

[Idaho, Cassiopeia, Nov. 3, 2008] Found them at 500, 100, myself.

(FenLee, Nov. 15, 2008) Found them at 502, 134.

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