Bomb Voyage
Stand-alone mission
Required Level 32 (possibly less)
Mission giver: Outpost Cmdr. Russ
- Location: Wedge Rock Outpost
Reward giver: Outpost Cmdr. Russ
- Location: Wedge Rock Outpost
XP: 45,000
Credits: 4,800


Overview Overview Edit

Plant an Altitude Bomb in six outgoing cargo crates near the landing pad at the bottom of Desolation Quarry. When you have planted all six bombs, return to Outpost Commander Russ at Wedge Rock Outpost.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Plant 6 Altitude Bombs.
Plant Altitude Bombs in six outgoing Bane cargo containers at Desolation Quarry.
Altitude Bombs Planted 0/6

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Outpost Cmdr. Russ:

Bane dropships are ferrying cargo containers in and out of the quarry to the south. If you can sabotage those containers, we can blow those ships to holy hell before they reach low orbit!
Here's the situation. To the south, on the other side of Valverde Chasm, the Bane have holed up at Desolation Quarry. They're using it as a prison facility as well as a cargo drop. We've seen their ships coming and going for weeks now, picking up and dropping off supplies.
I had my guys whip up some bombs wired with pressure triggers. These babies will only go off when they reach a certain altitude. Sneak into the quarry, and get close to the landing pad at the bottom. Plant a bomb in each of the outgoing cargo crates. When the Crusties fill their hold with supplies and take off, these things will detonate and vaporize their dropships in low orbit!

Debriefing Edit

Outpost Cmdr. Russ:

Ha ha! We just got a report that three Bane dropships mysteriously exploded in low orbit! Chalk one up for the AFS, am I right? Great work!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The six crates are at the bottom of Desolation Quarry, right next to the Stalker. You will have to run down there through some baddies; take your time and combine this with Photo Ops. Also, when done, drop a 2 way waypoint so you can return to complete Mind Slayer. Remember WP's area active for 5 minutes so move it, Soldier!

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