Type: Biological
Weak To: Electric Electric
Sonic Sonic
Resists: Physical Physical
Immune To: Fire Fire


Boargars are among the first native fauna new recruits encounter when they arrive to the Foreas Wilderness zone. They are found throughout most of Foreas, often in herds. Their resemblance and mannerisms are much like Earth boars, though they only become aggressive when provoked. Once provoked, however, they will charge the target, and upon entering melee range, use their elongated tusks (or curled tusks in some breeds) to knock back the opponent and tear at their flesh. Boargar can become confused when trapped on a battlefield, and in fear and frustration charge any target that is not a boargar. There are a few notable exceptions to the boargars' "only when provoked" nature. Most notable among these are the Tree Lurkers, and various parasitic ticks. Boargars will attack these on sight.

Boargars do have one remarkable physical feature that clearly distinguishes them from Earth boars: an echo-location system. This part of their physiology is more like the Earth bat's "radar". Normally, a boargar uses echo-location to improve its chances of getting a tasty meal, however, when it feels threatened, it can use the same feature to summon other boargar to its aid. Therefore, an inexperienced recruit should be careful attacking a boargar when the herd is near. This same feature, however, is a double-edged sword. Boargars' echo-location also makes them extremely suceptible to sonic weapons. Since they defend in herds, a sonic shotgun makes an ideal weapon for rapidly dispatching the entire herd.

Many humans, longing for past lives on earth, have decided that boargars are the next best thing to Earth hogs when a craving for pork and ham becomes too much. However, others remain skeptical, since the animals' more "alien" traits, such as green blood, leave them somewhat squeamish. DescriptionEdit

Physical traits Edit

Boargar’s resemble Earth’s wild boars or warthogs. They are very hearty and stout four legged creatures that can weigh up to 300lbs. They have large tusks used for digging burrows in the forests of Foreas.

Damage Type Edit

Physical, Sonic

Weapons Used Edit

Boargars their tusks as natural weapons to maul their enemies.

Special Attacks Edit

Although not aggressive by nature, when threatened, Boargars will charge their victim. A threatened Boargar nay emit a loud squeal before charging, calling any nearby Boargar to join the attack.

Armor Edit

Boargars have extremely thick hides that act as a natural armor.

Weakness Edit

If threatened by a Boargar, it is best to quickly move out of its attack range to avoid being knocked down.

Attack Range Edit


Deployment Edit

Boargars live in small herds, usually with less then 5 animals in a given area.

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