Bio Augmentation
Bio Augmentation
Class: Biotechnician Biotechnician
Tier: 3
Logos Required
Enhance (logos) Enhance
Friend (logos) Friend
Power (logos) Power


Bio Augmentation is an ability of the Biotechnician class.

"Utilize micromech and Logos to enhance the natural potentials of the target. Each pump level increases a different attribute."

Usage Edit

Bio Augmentation is a great way to buff a team for difficult encounters. Each pump level increases a various attribute, but requires 10 medical grade micromech which costs 150 credits each.

Progression Edit

Level 1 (I) 2 (II) 3 (III) 4 (IV) 5 (V)
Name Bio Augmentation: Health Bio Augmentation: Power Bio Augmentation: Body Bio Augmentation: Mind Bio Augmentation: Spirit
Power cost 100 100 150 150 150
Attribute Health Power Body Mind Spirit
Buff Strength 30%
Duration 15 min
Medical Grade Micromech 10

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