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Beam Manta
Beam Manta
Type: Biological
Weak To: Fire Fire
Resists: Laser Laser
Immune To: Electric Electric


Beam Manta 1

Beam Mantas' Electric Attack

Beam Mantas are a local species of Arieki. They resemble flying manta rays with electrical arcs coursing around their bodies. They nest in areas where the ground is rich in iron.

They attack on sight with a powerful, long range electrical damage attack. There is a visible and somewhat lengthy charge animation before this attack is used. One may be able to interrupt them before they unleash their energy.

They are particularly plentiful in the southwest of Ligo Thunderhead.

Notable Enemies Edit DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Beam Mantas are large, floating creatures that meander low to the surface of Arieki, blending in with the ground. Their long, slim tails are uniquely adapted to perform a function similar to a lightning rod.

Damage TypeEdit


Weapons UsedEdit

When attacking, the Beam Manta bridges a connection between its forward attack appendages, allowing it to fire down a strong electrical pulse at its victims.

Special AttacksEdit

The Beam Manta electrical attack is extremely powerful. There is further investigation as to what relationship, if any, Beam Mantas have with Barb Ticks.


Electrical energy stored in the Manta’s skin makes it electrically charged, affording it protection against most energy weapons.


Lack of natural armor outside of the electrical field their body generates suggests incendiary weapons may be useful against a Beam Manta.

Attack RangeEdit

Short to mid range.


Beam Mantas can usually be found in small groups of 3 to 5 and are often located near Barb Tick colonies

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