Bane Jamming
Mission sequence
Requirement: Sabotage the Tower
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lieutenant Feldman
- Location: The Snakepit
Reward giver: Lieutenant Feldman
- Location: The Snakepit
XP: 120,000
Credits: 7,000

Graviton Armor Gloves v4 Teleract Graviton Armor Gloves v4 lvl 35
Hazmat Armor Legs v3 Wellcare Hazmat Armor Legs v3 lvl 34
Motor Assist Armor Legs v6 Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Legs v6 lvl 33
Reflective Armor Legs v3 Teleract Reflective Armor Legs v3 lvl 34

Overview Overview Edit

Prevent the Bane from tapping into the Eloh tower by destroying any attached equipment and by burying Jammers surrounding the tower.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Bane Equipment attached to the Eloh Obelisk
  • Place Jammer: Alpha
  • Place Jammer: Beta
  • Place Jammer: Gamma
  • Place Jammer: Delta
  • Place Jammer: Epsilon
  • Place Jammer: Zeta

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Lieutenant Feldman:

While you were out hitting the Bane HQ has managed to FUBAR everything up. I've got to send you back in. We've received word from Command that they've seen this Eloh Tower before. Apparently they are some sort of communications device for the Eloh. HQ suspects that the Bane must be trying to tap in and listen.
Until we get sufficient force in this area to remove the Bane we'll need to keep them from tapping into the Obelisk. I'll need you to take out any of their equipment that's directly attached to the tower. However, destroying their equipment will only delay them for a short time. Take this satchel of electronic jammers and sink them into the ground surrounding the Obelisk to disrupt their electronics. That will prevent them from getting any use out of that thing for a long time.

Debriefing Edit

Lieutenant Feldman:

With those Jammers in place the Bane will never be able to tap into the Obelisk. That should buy us enough time until we get more troops here.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Approaching from the area outside the base where you plant three of the beacons, you can jump onto the wall of the base to reach the other three without fighting through hordes of enemies. You can also take out Overseer Prysiam for Elimination this way.

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