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Overview Edit

The Backpack is the inventory storage space of a character, holding all his unequipped items and his credits. The backpack has 5 x 10 slots per category.

These categories are Equipment, Mission Items, Misc, Crafting, and Consumables.

The backpack window can be switched in size between a 10 and a 5 row display.

Usage Edit

To equip an item, right-click it, or drag'n'drop it to the attribute window (for armor) or the weapon tray for weapons and tools. If you drop an item on an other item, the two items will be swapped.

To delete an item, drag'n'drop it to the Trash Can Trash Can icon with the down arrow in the lower right corner of the backpack window.

To change the category of items displayed click on the corresponding tabs on the right hand side of the backpack window.

For transfer of items or credits to or from the footlocker, see: AFS Issued Footlocker

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