Attack of the Drones
Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Radio Free Arieki
Chaos Theory
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Field Commander Foletto
- Location: Nyxroq Post
Reward giver: Commander Ryder
- Location: Comm Tower
XP: 24,000
Credits: 4,800

Bio Armor Vest v3 Vitalius Bio Armor Vest v3
Graviton Armor Boots v1 Vitalius Graviton Armor Boots v1
Reflective Armor Vest v4 ChiTech Reflective Armor Vest v4

Item0494 Overview Edit

Report to Commander Ryder inside the Arieki Communications Tower. Help him establish a secured location for advanced operations inside the tower.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Report to Commander Ryder in the Arieki Comm Tower Edit

Defend the Medic Station against the Bane attack Edit

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Field Commander Foletto:

The Communications Tower is downright critical to our success on this field. The Brann used to use it to radio conreol all of the robot workers on the planet. Now that the Bane got ahold of it, they've got access to an entire army of the warden and reconstructor bots.
We've got a team on the inside, but they're having a hell of a time there. Get in to the tower and report to Commander Ryder. He's in charge of setting up operations on the inside and will have further instructions.

Report to Commander Ryder in the Arieki Comm Tower Edit

Commander Ryder:

It's about time you got here! We're having a hell of a time setting up the base camp here. If we can just defend this spot long enough to set up a perimeter, you'll be able to head deeper into the base.

Debriefing Edit

Commander Ryder:

Thanks for the help, buddy. We can keep this location safe for the time being, but you're going to have to breach the deeper areas of the tower on your own.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

After you report in, the medic station is attacked by Warden Bots, Reconstructor Bots, Linkers and Caretakers. There is a 08:18 timer, but it is unknown if it's a fail or succeed timer. Killing off the attackers completes the objective immediately. If you fail you will have to go back to Field Commander Foletto at Nyxroq Outpost and get the mission again.

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