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Atta Soldier
Atta Soldier
Type: Biological
Weak To: Laser Laser
Resists: Physical Physical
Sonic Sonic
Immune To: Electric Electric
Fire Fire

The Atta are a large, ant-like race that live in colonies on Arieki. They have three known hives; the Kardash Atta Colony, the Ojasa Atta Hive and the Rivasa Atta Colony.

They seem to have some kind of link with the Eloh, but the link is unknown. It appears that the Eloh entrusted the Atta with their security, as demonstrated by the Sanctuary/Hideaway in the Kardash Atta Colony on Torden Plains.

The Atta have long been the subject of both Bane and Brann experimentation, usually in attempts to control them. (Un?)fortunately for both sides, the Atta have not responded well to these experiments, and merely become far more hostile than before. It is possible that the experiments by the Brann were done by one of the many splinter groups, such as those lead by Master Phanin, and thus the experiments would not be "official" or authorized by the AFS.

They have very high HP, and strong resistances and are immune to electrical and fire damage. The best way to kill them is to use a laser weapon, as they are weak to that damage type.

Soldiers attack either by hurling rocks, or by moving up close and using a powerful melee attack.

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