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Artificial Inquity
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Commander Tong
- Location: Raksha Robotic Facility
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 58,000
Credits: 6,750

Motor Assist Armor Helmet v11 Luminar Motor Assist Armor Helmet v11
Cryogenic Leech Gun Vextronics Cryogenic Leech Gun
Laser Chaingun Vextronics Laser Chaingun

Overview Edit

Find your way to Level 3 and make your way through a series of security doors. Destroy the four Power Pylons, and then destroy the Central Dispatch Unit.

Objectives Edit

Get Through Security Doors Edit

Head down to Level 3 and make your way through a series of security doors to reach the Central Dispatch Unit.

Destroy Power Pylons Edit

Destroy the Central Dispatch Unit's four Power Pylons to stop the flow of high-voltage electrical currents protecting it from damage.

Destroy the Central Dispatch Unit Edit

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Commander Tong:

Raksha Robotic Facility is under the sole control of a self-programming computer called the Central Dispatch Unit, and it needs to be destroyed.
As long as the C.D.U. is running, the robots in this factory will kill anything and everything they come across to protect it, and to continue the sterilization process on Arieki.
The Central Dispatch Unit is well protected. First, you'll need to get through a series of security doors on Level 3 to reach the C.D.U. Before you can even try to damage the computer itself, you will need to destroy its four Power Pylons. The Pylons feed enough high-voltage electricity into C.D.U. to fry any sort of weaponry that might come near it.
As you can probably imagine, it may have other tricks to protect itself. So, be vigilant and bring some friends.

Debriefing Edit

Commander Tong:

Congratulations, you've stopped the Central Dispatch Unit for good. Who could've ever thought we'd be spending time fighting a stationary computer in the greater battle for good? I know this must have been a tough battle. Please accept my gratitude.

Walkthrough Edit

Make sure you activate the teleporter back to the beginning before you enter, unless you want to run all the way back after dying.The security doors cover a short corridor with eight generators hidden in the walls. Take care so you aren't ambushed.

The generators in the main room cannot be destroyed. When a pylon has taken about 50% damage, one generator will discharge a Security Unit and two other bots. The same applies for the CDU, and when the CDU is almost destroyed, all generators will start discharging bots.

Solo'd with lvl28 ranger, it seems that you have to stand to one side of the generators to get them to take damage, rather than standing in the center and picking them off one by one.

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