Array of Hope
Mission sequence
Requirement: Trinity Bridge Logos: Past
Trinity Bridge Logos: Disperse
Trinity Bridge Logos: Future
Trinity Bridge Logos: Logos
Trinity Bridge Logos: Distance
Trinity Bridge Logos: Far
Follow-up: Future Sacrifice
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Vogren's Hologram
- Location: Vogren's Tomb
Reward giver: Eloh Hologram
- Location: Temporal Chamber
XP: 42,500
Credits: 4,000

Med Pack Class VIII Standard Med Pack (3)
Grenade Class VIII Incendiary Grenade (3)
Med Pack Class VIII Advanced Med Pack (2)
Grenade Class VIII EMP Grenade (3)

Overview OverviewEdit

Use the six Logos you have acquired to activate the six Logos Conduits and open a portal in the center of the Trinity Bridge. Enter the portal and investigate that which lies beyond.

Objectives ObjectivesEdit

  • Activate Trinity Bridge

Dialogue DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Vogren's Hologram:

You have all of the required Logos. Now it is time to see if you are the starchild of prophecy.
On Trinity Bridge you will find six Logos Conduits, one for each of the Logos you have collected. Activate all six conduits, and a portal will open in the very center of the bridge.
Enter the portal to meet your destiny.

Activate Trinity Bridge Edit

Eloh Hologram:

Who Comes Here?

Debriefing Edit

Eloh Hologram:

Do you seek to touch the light, child of the stars?

Walkthrough WalkthroughEdit

Activate the six conduits situated around Trinity Bridge, two on each bank and one on each of the side bridges. The portal is in the center of the middle bridge.