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Idle This article contains historical content. It may be a mission that was removed, a location that disappeared off the face of the planet, or a gameplay mechanic that was replaced with something else. Editing the article should be limited to clarifying the historical aspects.
  This items function is now performed by Repair Tools.
Armor Augmentation Tool
Armor Augmentation Tool
A player wielding a Armor Augmentation Tool
Training: Tools Tools
Class: Specialist Specialist
Range: 5
Rate of fire: ?
Additional Item Requirements: Power Cells Power Cells

Armor Augmentation ToolEdit

The Armor Augmentation Tool was equipped like a weapon and used to regenerate the armor of the player or another targeted player. A blue reticule that acts identical to the red enemy reticule, including a lock on feature, shows that you are targeting a friendly player that can have its armor regenerated. If you are not targeting any friendly player, you will regenerate your own armor. To use your Armor Augmentation Tool, simply use your Fire Weapon key.


The Armor Augmentation Tool does not allow you to regenerate armor if your armor or your targets armor is at full.

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