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Type: Biological
Weak To: Sonic Sonic
Resists: none
Immune To: Virulent Virulent

Overview Edit


These rather nasty little creatures are loyal to the Bane and will not attack them, despite their seemingly unintelligent appearance. They act more as the Thrax's pets, or perhaps hunting animals, than the failed experiments the official website describes them as. However, this makes them no less dangerous. They are capable of gathering up a large amount of their inner bile and spewing it out in the form of another, if somewhat smaller, amoeboid. They also have a chance on each attack they make to coat your weapon in filth, causing it to jam (weapons that cannot be jammed, such as blades, are immune to this effect). They attack with bites at melee range.

It is unknown how long a spawned amoeboid (distinguishable from normal amoeboids by their small size and label, "spawn") will last before dying automatically, but spawned ones cannot self-replicate, and large ones only do so in combat.

Description from Edit

Physical Traits

The Amoeboid are about the size of a small child and are amoebic creatures created from the organic byproducts and offal of Bane bio-engineering experiments.

Damage Type

Physical, Virulent

Weapons Used


Special Attacks

The Amoeboid vomits a ball of slime at its enemies. This toxin has a high chance of jamming any projectile weapons carried by its enemies.




Being gelatinous in nature, cold attacks are helpful in slowing and injuring an Ameboid.

Attack Range

Melee to Mid Range


Ameboids can replicate themselves to reproduce. Therefore, large numbers of these creatures in a given area is not uncommon.

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