Ammunition is required for using most ranged weapons. It comes in multiple types and grades, and can be purchased from most standard vendors or fabricated using schematics.

For further information on the different types of ammunition, see the individual articles below.

Types Edit

The type of ammunition required depends on the weapon type as well as the damage type of the weapon.

Note: The table below is not completely accurate. It is only intended to give a general view of which ammunition types are used for which weapons and damage types. There are exceptions, and not all combinations exist.

Ammunition Damage types Corresponding weapons
Cartridges Cartridges Physical Physical Pistol Pistol, Rifle Rifle, Shotgun Shotgun, Chaingun Chaingun
Power Cells Power Cells EMP EMP, Laser Laser, Sonic Sonic, Electric Electric Pistol Pistol, Rifle Rifle, Shotgun Shotgun, Chaingun Chaingun, Polarity Gun Polarity Gun, Injector Gun Injector Gun, Leech Gun Leech Gun, Propellant Gun Propellant Gun, Repair Tool Repair Tool
Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition Fire Fire, Ice Ice Shotgun Shotgun, Leech Gun Leech Gun, Polarity Gun Polarity Gun, Injector Gun Injector Gun Propellant Gun Propellant Gun
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Virulent Virulent Injector Gun Injector Gun, Healing Disc Healing Disc
Rockets Rockets All except Virulent Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher, RPG Launcher RPG Launcher, Net Gun Net Gun, Torqueshell Rifle Torqueshell Rifle

Grades Edit

The grade of ammunition required depends on the level of the weapon. There is no difference at all between different grades apart from the cost. Approximate level ranges are as follows:

Grade Standard Improved High Select Elite
Level range 1-17 18-32 32-42 42 - ??  ?? - 50

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