Ammo Express
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lt. Sebastian
- Location: Foreas Base
Reward giver: Line Capt. Dobbs
- Location: Thoria Das
XP: 11,000
Credits: 0


Item0494 Overview Edit

Help Field Lieutenant Hayes distribute the misdilivered ammunition at Crossroads Waypoint by delivering it to the locations he specifies.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Report to Field Sergeant Hays at Crossroads Waypoint
  • Deliver Ammo to Field Lieutenant McMurray along the Foreas Base Trench
  • Deliver Ammo to Line Captain Dobbs in Thoria Das

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Lt. Sebastian:

"We've got a screwed-up ammo drop and the troops are running out of ammo. Let's fix this!"
"East of the base, you're going to run into the Crossroads Waypoint. We had a big supply drop that landed there - off target from here by the base. Field lieutenant Hays is out there supervising the offloading of the supplies."
"Head over there, pick up some ammo, and lend a hand in the distribution, alright?"

Report to Field Sergeant Hays Edit

Field Sgt. Hays:

"You're here from the base? Good timing. I need you to take these ammo crates and start off delivering them to Field Lieutenant McMurray along the trench outside Foreas Base . He'll have any additional instructions for you."

Deliver Ammo to Field Lieutenant McMurray Edit

Field Lt. McMurray:

"About freakin' time! We've got Bane crawling all over the place down here, and we need that ammo like smokey needs a bear!"
"Now get moving along -- you're not done yet, soldier! Head way up north to Thoria Das. They handle any northern incursions, and they're going to need the last of this. Report to Line Captain Dobbs on arrival. Dismissed!"

Deliver Ammo to Line Captain Dobbs Edit

Line Capt. Dobbs:

"Ammo? Hell yeah! I was starting to wonder if you'd gone Goldilocks on us! They tend to forget about us up here in the northern territories."

Debriefing Edit

Line Capt. Dobbs:

"Watch your back, soldier! It may seem a bit more quiet up here that at the front, but the bastards can still come down from any direction. If you don't pay attention, you'll be walking home with your ass in your hands. I'll make sure this ammo get to the troops, but here - take a clip or two for yourself and get to taking out some Bane!"

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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