Alia Das
Location type:
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Concordia
Item0483 Zone: Wilderness
Mob Levels:
Map of Alia Das
Map of Alia Das


Alia das 2

Alia Das

Alia Das is an area in the Wilderness zone. It is the first area that the player enters after he/she has completed the Bootcamp tutorial. This is where the real game begins.

Alia Das consists of a treehut village of the Forean natives and a tent camp of the human AFS forces.

Alia das 1

Alia Das

The area is under constant attack by Bane forces and defended by joint forces of humans and Foreans with a system of bunkers, watchtowers and sandbags/trenches surrounding the village.

For creatures, Logos elements, etc, and for a map, see: Wilderness


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