Acquire Electrical Resistor Filters
Mission sequence
Requirement: Slappy's Tech Fun Pt. 1
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Slappy
- Location: Mount Hellas Outpost
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 50000
Credits: 5000

Unknown Armor Legs Hellstrom Hazmat Armor Legs
Radial Repair Tool Dynamo Radial Repair Tool
Unknown Armor Legs Voltrox Graviton Armor Legs

Overview Edit

Go east of Mt. Hellas Outpost in the Lightning Fields and retrieve 5 Lightning Resistor Filters from the Bane crates near the Resistors. Return to Slappy in Mt. Hellas Outpost with the filters.

Objectives Edit

Electrical Resistor Filters Edit

Gather 5 lightning resistor filters from Bane crates in the Lightning Fields.

  • Lightning Resistor Filter 5/5

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


We're gonna need more electromagnetic filters.
Ya know what? The tech parts you brought helped me get the communications working again, but it'd be just a matter of time before they're blown out again from an intense lightning storm. But ya know what, I could hack together a buffer that'd absorb the electromagnetic currents, but I don't have any electromagnetic filters here that'll work. That's where you come in.
Out in the Lightning Fields are hundreds of storm resistors. They were originally created by the Brann when they had a true home world. The resistors were designed to absorb a great amount of electrical current and allow us to roam freely through the Lightning Fields with little to no harm. These storm resistors house large electromagnetic filters - filters that I could use and modify for our equipment. Next to the resistors are Bane crates with spare filters. Sometimes there's Thrax engineers working around these crates, sometimes there isn't. But I need you to go out into the Lightning Field and, using this code that I hacked together, get me five filters from the storm resistor crates. If things are too hairy out in the Lightning Field, then I marked a location of a Bane encampment south of here. These encampments usually are for Bane who are reprogramming the storm resistors for their physiology, but the best part is that they usually have extra filters in the camp. Your opposition there might be less than in the heavily contested Lightning Field.
I appreciate the help and good luck.!

Debriefing Edit


What's shakin'? Ah, great, ya got the filters. This'll keep this thing from fryin' again. Thanks and here, take this little doodad. It should help ya deal with electrical damage. Shocking, ain't it? HA! Get it?!

Walkthrough Edit

There are only two crates, so you might have to wait a while.

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