A Visit To The Elders
Mission sequence
Requirement: Going Native
Follow-up: Childhood's End
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Council Elder Nula
- Location: Ranja Gorge
Reward giver: Council Advisor Todae
- Location: Dagdha's Urn
XP: 10,000
Credits: 1,500

Direct Healing Disc Astra Direct Healing Disc
Salvage Tool Dynamo Salvage Tool

Item0494 Overview Edit

Travel to the Forean Council at Dagdha's Urn, far to the north of Ranja Gorge, and ask Council Luminary Doyan about the Tinctu Herb.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Speak to Doyan.
Find Council Luminary Doyan and ask him about the Tinctu herb.
  • Speak to Todae.
Speak to Council Advisor Todae

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Council Elder Nula:

"You must go to Dagdha's Urn. Seek Council Luminary Doyan."
"The journey will be long and dnagerous, but if you would have the Tinctu Herb, you must seek the wisdom of the Luminary. Daghda's Urn is in the northwest corner of the area your people call Wilderness."
I cannot promise that you will find what you seek, but every journey begins with a single footfall. Go with the wind at your back. May the Benefactors watch over you and protect you."

Speak to Doyan Edit

Council Luminary Doyan:

"Nothing in the world matters to me anymore. My oldest boy, my Pundi, is lost to me."
"I cannot be bothered with trivial matters. Speak to Todae, my advisor, if you must, but trouble me no more!"

Speak to Todae Edit

Council Advisor Todae:

"You arrived at a most inopportune time, tal kamahdi."

Debriefing Edit

Council Advisor Todae:

"The esteemed Luminary Doyan is troubled. His eldest son Pundi left the village after arguing with his father. Yesterday, his shredded clothing was found just south of Stone Anvil. We fear the worst."
"You have traveled far, in very dangerous times. I'm sorry that the Luminary cannot help you. Perhaps later, when he has had time to grieve. We have limited supplies here, but if either if these items might prove useful to you, please accept them as a gift of the Council."

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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