A Mox On Both Our Houses
Mission sequence
Requirement: Mox Shouldn't Smoke
Follow-up: Deadly Moxins, er-Toxins
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Donius
- Location: Retread Caves
Reward giver: Ellen Lenee
- Location: Retread Caves
XP: 45,000
Credits: 4,800

Repair Tool Phoenix Radial Repair Tool lvl 30
Sonic Disperser AccuMax Sonic Disperser lvl 32
Rifle AccuMax Rifle lvl 31
Sonic Torqueshell Rifle Eclipse Sonic Torqueshell Rifle lvl 33

Overview Overview Edit

Place the laced carton of cigarettes into the empty container, then wait for the Alpha Mox to come to you. When he does, kill him, then return to Ellen Lenee.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Place the Tobacco
  • Kill the Alpha

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Dr. Donius:

Well, now that I know a bit more about these Mox and their love for cigarettes I have a plan. I want you to take this carton of cigarettes to the cave where you found those Mox and killed them earlier for Ellen.
There's an old Forean incense burner sitting in there, and I want you to place these cigarettes into it. I've laced them with a smell enhancer, and it should make the entire cave smell like tobacco. You won't notice, most likely, but the Mox will, and the biggest, the Alpha Mox, will be certain to detect it.
Ellen believes if you kill that Alpha we might just have a chance. Kill it and then return to her.

Debriefing Edit

Ellen Lenee:

That should calm things down a bit. I believe Dr. Donius may have something else up his sleeve to clear the Mox out of here.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

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