A Father's Goodbye
Mission sequence
Requirement: Supplies On The Double
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lt. Saviours
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Information Spec. Saviours
- Location: Concordia Wilderness
XP: 6,000
Credits: 900

Laser Chaingun ChiTech Laser Chaingun
Unknown Armor Boots Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Boots

Overview OverviewEdit

Lieutenant Saviours wants you to fulfill his dying wish by bringing his dog tags to his son. He can be found somewhere on the far side of the Lower Eloh Creek bridge.

Overview OverviewEdit

  • Deliver Saviours' dogtags
Locate Information Specialist Saviours and give him his father's dogtags.
Item0333 Lt. Saviours's Dogtags x/1

Dialogue DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Lt. Saviours:

"Help a dying man. *cough cough* Find my son, please! *cough*
I'm on my last legs here. I'm gut-shot and fading fast. *cough* Probably won't last the night. *cough cough*
You look like you're heading for the front lines, am I right? *cough* Do an old GI a favor, will ya? Take my dogtags. Bring them to my son, Robert. I ain't been much of a father, but at least he'll have something to remember me by.
Last I heard, he was doing recon on the far side of Eloh Creek. *cough cough* Can you help me out?"

Debriefing Edit

Information Spec. Saviours:

"Wow, that was close. Man, you really came along in the nick of time. I really thought I'd bought it that time!
So why were you looking for me? Wait, let me guess...
Dad says he's dying and he sent you out here with his dogtags, am I right? He does this all the time. Knows I'll drop whatever I'm doing and head up there just to give 'em back. I barely knew the guy, growing up. Go figure.
Ah, gimme the tags. I'll humor him again. What the hell? One of these days he really WILL be dying."

Walkthrough WalkthroughEdit

  • Lt. Saviours son, Information Spec. Saviours, is southwest of Lower Eloh Creek, at location (156.5, 172.7, 215.0).
  • While you're there, if you haven't already gotten it yet, head northeast after talking to Information Spec. Saviours. The Projectile Logos shrine is located in a small alcove at the bottom of the cliffs.

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