A Carrot on a Stick
Mission sequence
Requirement: Finding Pheromones
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Coordinator Vash
- Location: Nyxroq Post
Reward giver: Science Officer Brandeis
- Location: Mires Post
XP: 29,000
Credits: 4,050

Bio Armor Boots v6 Pathogex Bio Armor Boots v6
Electric Net Gun Vextronics Electric Net Gun
Graviton Armor Vest v1 Luminar Graviton Armor Vest v1

Overview Edit

Go west of Ortho Base and north of Nyxroq Trench to deposit the Atta pheromone bait. Seek out Science Officer Brandeis in Pax Oasis once completed.

Objectives Edit

Place the Bait Edit

Deposit the Atta pheromone bait north of Nyxroq Trench.

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Coordinator Vash:

I'd like someone to test this new Atta pheromone mixture near a Bane installation.
Science Officer Brandeis has concocted what he calls a unique Atta pheromone mixture that supposedly summons Atta. Using the pheromones you gathered, he sent over a sampling to be tested, and he asked me to do the testing. I suppose he figures that we Brann are, how do you say... expendable?
We Brann may have been alledged criminals, but we aren't stupid... well, at least most of us aren't.
You are far better equipped that I to handle anything that could go wrong, so I would ask you to conduct this experiment for me and for your Science Officer Brandeis. The site to deposit this bait is west of here, north of Nyxroq Trench. Naturally I'll make certain this Brandeis rewards you for your effort.
What say you?

Debriefing Edit

Science Officer Brandeis:

So you're the once who completed this little experiment, eh? I guess that old Brann is smarter than I give credit for. Whatever, the experiment was a success. Now I figure out how to actually communicate with the Atta using pheromones, that is indeed the second step.
But for now, good work. You may go, now.

Walkthrough Edit

When you place the pheromones, a group of Atta soldiers will spawn. Be prepared.

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